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Wanna Go Fit Boot Camp
June 6 - July 20 
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5 am

This is an Outdoor Program

Bi-weekly Meal Plan
Nutritional Coaching 
Group Chat Support


Partnered Work
Body Weight Training

Cost: $90



You can also submit payment via one of the following apps:

Zelle :

Cash App: $WannaGoFit


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Testimonials from some of our Boot Campers!


Pounds Lost - 19 lbs

Body Fat Lost - 5%


Measurements:  Arms - 1.50 inches

                           Bust/Back - 4 inches

                           Waist - 2.25 inches

                           Mid Section - 2.50 inches

                           Hips - 3.50 inches

                           Thighs - 2.75 inches


                           Total Inches Lost - 16.5 inches


My clothes fit great and close to dropping a pant size.  A have a pair of smaller jeans that already fit!  Another non-scale victory, at the beginning of boot camp, I was not able to do partner sit-ups very well and today on our last day, I did all three rounds at a faster pace and got myself up every time!! 


My husband is now down 25 lbs and has been primarily changing his eating habits. 


Thank you for the motivation I needed!! I will be back for the next session!  I'm so proud of myself!!


Elisa C.

A few words...

I saw the advertisement for this boot camp randomly when looking through the riata page. I have been overweight for a while, but have always enjoyed working out when I got around to it. So I excitedly signed up and dragged a couple of my girlfriends with me. It was the best choice we have made this year. We all lost over ten pounds in our first session and it jump started our journey to being healthy. We were scared before we first stared since we hadn’t ever done something like this, but we dove in anyway. We were able to see improvement from our barely moving bodies in the beginning . I would recommend this group to anyone, no matter what size.  The coach is energetic, funny and always had alternate moves for the “less advanced” :).  I am hopeful for this new healthier lifestyle I’ve chosen. 

Ainy C.

So after my third 6 week session of WGF boot camps I am down 40 lbs so far and am 3 lbs away from my first milestone goal!  I have gone from a size 18W to a regular 14!  I feel pretty amazing and go glad I decided to join your camps and start this journey because I'm not done!  During this third round of boot camp I have upped my workouts as well.  I was only working out 3 times a week (usually only the boot camp exercises) but am now up to 4 to 5 times a week.  Thank you for providing me the tools to be successful! I can do this and excited to see how much more progress I make before the end of the year!


Thank you!



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