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Children & Senior Fitness

Obesity has become more common in recent years.  It is the predecessor to a lot of different conditions such as heart disease, some forms of cancer (increased fat cells), diabetes and other diseases.  Children are now less active and eat diets consisting of mainly processed foods.  Obese children grow into obese adults in most cases.  At any age it is important to stay as active as possible and try to abide by healthy lifestyle habits.  Wanna Go Fit tailors a program to suit YOUR lifestlye and needs.

             WANNA GO FIT KIDS (grades 2-8)


Wanna Go Fit has created a 4-week program that teaches the basics of what children need to grow into healthy adults.  The 8 sessions include basic nutrition, basic anatomy (bones & muscles) and the foundation of kinesiology (movement).  They learn the benefits of exercising while having fun doing so.  Each child receives a certificate of completion.  Great addition to any After-School 0r Summer Program. Call 210-910-7229 for more details. 

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             SENIOR FITNESS


Wanna Go Fit believes that fitness should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle no matter the age.  Senior fitness is vital in the golden years of life.  Wanna Go Fit provides a variety of formats to maintain interest while staying active.  You have to move it before you lose it!  Call 210-910-7229  to book a Wanna Go Fit Instructor as an addition to your senior program.

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