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Wanna Go Fit Community Events

In January of 2023, we had the kickoff event WGF Get Fit Wellness fair. This event was broken into panel discussions on 3 subjects: General Health, Mental Health and Fitness & Nutrition. We also provided free resources. We gained media coverage in the form of television and newspapers. 

April was the WGF Festively Fit-ness Fair. Here we showcased different forms of exercise formats and healthy meal demonstrations. There were also free resources available. 

August we teamed up with Black Business San Antonio to coordinate Wellness Day during Black Business Week San Antonio which had different fitness formats and panel discussions on General & Holistic Health and Mental Health. 

On Veterans Day we closed out the series with the WGF Brain Health Fair. This event was also panel discussions broken up into various topics. There were also free resources there that many people took advantage of. The timing of the event was impeccable with the holiday season approaching. 

This series was spearheaded after the death of a friend who basically worked himself to death. I wanted to educate the community on what being “healthy” really looks like. We offer the opportunity to be able to ask qualified professionals questions that you may google and never find the answer you are looking for. The goal is to share the knowledge of wellness as a whole. 

We are in year 2 of these events. Check the website for the next upcoming event. Thank you for choosing to GO FIT!

2nd Annual WGF Get Fit Wellness Fair
February 3, 2024

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