Meet The Team

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Keyuna Milam

CEO, Head Trainer,Certified Personal Trainer Certified Group Fitness Trainer CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certified Instructor


Tina Knight

Certified Personal Trainer 


Johnnie Tyler

Certified Personal Trainer

Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

Our Journey

Keyuna Milam

My fitness journey is like others filled with high and low points. At my heaviest point my 5” frame carried 223 lbs. That was back in 2002. In 2003 I decided to do something about it and my journey began. In 2004 I first lost 80 lbs through high intensity boxing training.

I had a few ups and downs until I realized that there was a certain formula to weight loss and keeping it off. That was almost 12 years ago. I made a vow to myself to change my lifestyle and the rest is history. I now weigh 125lbs and am constantly setting new goals for myself because remember you are only in competition with yourself.

I offer something that not all trainers can say and that is "I have been there."I have been a fitness trainer for 12 years and a Nutritional Coach for 3 years. In this time I have helped many people along their path to fitness. It is my goal to help others make the change that I made for myself and my family to get fit and stay healthy. If you do what I say, I can help you too. Certified Personal Trainer Certified Group Fitness Trainer CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certified Instructor

Tina Knight
Johnnie Tyler

I am a mother of 6 children, who loves helping empower women and help them reach their goals. I am originally from the East Coast, I moved to the Panhandle of Texas in 2015, where my husband and I opened a small group facility. We sold our gym mid 2018 and moved to the beautiful area of Cibolo, Texas. 


A little background of me. For years I battled depression, nothing seemed to help. I was always down on myself, turned to food for comfort. I pretended to have it all together, when really I was crumbling inside. One day I borrowed an Exercise DVD set from a friend, and decided to hit play. That day changed my life. I felt alive, revived from the cold that surrounded me. I never felt so good about myself even when I was drenched in sweat and could barely walk from the aching muscles. 


I was finally taking action, holding myself accountable and changing my life. From then on, I pushed myself to my limits. I explored all the possibilities I always limited myself on. I was my own worst critic, but I changed that. I turned my can-nots, into cans. I know what defeat feels like, and I wanted it gone. I became a victor. A true warrior. 


That's when I became passionate about becoming a trainer and group instructor, helping women build themselves stronger. I studied endlessly learning how to better myself and better others. This became my addiction. This became my strength. 


I am your coach, but I am also your teammate. Whatever battle you are fighting inside, we can fight together. Building each other up, brick by brick. The only guarantee that I can give you, is that if you push yourself to your limits, become a warrior inside - you will feel victory inside too. 

Short term goals, lead to long term victories. Are you prepared for battle?

I am 36 years old native of San Antonio, TX. Married with 4 children.


As a kid I always struggled with my weight even leading up to early adulthood. At my heaviest I weighed 240lbs and was only 5’6. I decided I wanted to change. I saw a video of my wife’s cousin in a bodybuilding show and said to myself I am going to do that and began to pursue that. Since then there was no turning back. I have been in 3 shows and obtained my Personal Training certification to go along with my Physical Therapy Assistant License. Now I strive to help others who also struggle with weight loss and those who might want to gain muscle reach their health goals.


I am a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with 13 years of experience. Certified Personal Trainer, I received my certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2015. Competed in two bodybuilding shows took 1st place in my very first show and 5th in my second show. Trained D1 college athletes, women and men with goals of both losing weight to gaining weight, senior community, and have led multiple group fitness camps. My goal is to help any and every one to achieve their fitness goals whatever they may be. 

Our Mission, The Vision, or Values

Our Mission is to help change the lives of each individual we work with. We have the tools to change lifes.

 We want to make an impact into the community one person at a time. Our company is unique and is constantly expanding so that we can change lives.


We are your accountability. We ask you to hold us accountable so that we can hold you accountable in reaching your goals.

We pride ourselves in our adaptability to suit our clients needs. 

Hard work, energy, drive this is what passion is and this is what will put you over the edge.